Since I'm all about the food I have included some resource pages in case you want to learn more about why this way of eating is so amazing and to help you find ingredients that might be hard to find in your typical grocery store.

These are some of the people and pages that helped me get started on my primal journey and keep me inspired and informed.

Mark's Daily Apple - This blog is a great source of information. I also highly recommend his book.

Robb Wolf - Also a great resource but much more science speak in this on, which I loved.

Ingredient resources:

Honeyville Grains - Almond Flour

Tropical Traditions - They carry so many kinds of coconut oil, but I would especially recommend the expeller pressed. It has all the benefits of coconut oil but without the coconut taste. Sometimes coconut doesn't go with everything. - This one is kind of a given but if you are looking for something that you can't find at your grocery store, or you don't want to sign over your first born to cover the cost of a specialty item, Amazon is usually a great source.

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